Office 1.0

I graduated from college in July 2016. Started working in July 2016. Huh! Talk about being a busy bee!! In case if you are wondering about the premise which this post is setting, here’s the deal: Being a closeted homosexual in a world where everyone is so outspoken is not really the best place to be in. In addition, I am an introvert as well. Ha! This is the crux of this blog and the content which is gonna be put up here.

Now imagine: Being an introvert, I am not very comfortable being around a lot of people. It takes time for me to open up. When I do open up, it still is not really what you can call being who you are because I am not out of the closet. Yet.


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It is like I am transitioning from being a total eclipse, where the Sun is completely shadowed, to a partial one.


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So, this blog is going to be about my experiences as a closeted homosexual introvert and my observations in and around my office. If that interests you, please make yourself home and stay tuned for more content!
See ya soon..


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